Dec 19, 2013

How Not To Edit a Photo in Photoshop

Ever wanted to make fun of your friends while using photoshop?

Well, here is your chance. After you create your own version, share your image on our website under this post so we can all laugh together. Don forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to stay ahead of the photography and photoshop world.

Using Layer FX on Type

Despite what most people think, using layer FX is actually OK. Often times Layer FX will actually make your type stand out from the background, making it legible. If you want white text on a light colored background, just drop a small drop shadow on it.

Even apple uses Drop Shadows in their operating system. Don’t believe me? Just open a new window and notice the nice shadow on the bottom/right/left of the window.

Cutting people Out.

The easiest way to cut people out of their backgrounds is to shoot them on a solid color seamless and then use the magic wand tool to cut them out. This is not going to give you a great selection, but in cases like this, it really doesn’t matter.

We are trying to make a bad Holiday card after all!


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    Bradford A. Ciecko

    I had someone ask me to do this a few years ago, and I’m so happy we never got together for it. I do wonder what is worse; actually doing this without the irony or a client actually liking this and asking for it.?.

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      Jim Johnson

      One of the toughest jobs in any business is trying to figure out the most diplomatic way to tell your customer “NO”. I often wonder if they can sense my panic when they ask for things like this.

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    Chris Law

    Weirdest thing I ever Photoshopped? This is probably close and it is even Christmas themed!

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    My brother literally made me use PS as a word processing application because he wanted to match the font on some .pdf file he had to change. I have Office and just over 15k fonts installed on my computer, but he INSISTED that I use PS. No PS work was done, just word processing.

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    I had a huge crush in School. She never liked me and for some reason she won’t pose for a photo with me. So i Took a photo a photo of her with another guy and photoshoped me in. Well that was the DUMBEST thing i did..!! 😀

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    I was once tasked with designing a banner for a pancake breakfast while working at a sign shop. I ended up photoshopping some butter on top of a photo of pancakes. Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done with PS.

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    Steven Fines

    Thanks Aaron and the phlearn team for the creative, enjoyable project!!

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    Don’t know if it’s the dumbest thing ever or not but I created a banner for a fish group that has a betta fish in santa’s slay wearing a Santa hat and 6 more bettas pulling the slay, stuck a marimo moss ball in the back and put them in space – hey it’s a geeky group. Oh and it’s captioned.

    Okay sound’s really really stupid when put like that but the results actually turned out really well.?

  • user image

    My friends absolutely loved the photo we made with this process. People spoke about it all year. I know you thought this was cheesy, but for us family “Dad’s and Mom’s” this project was Awesome. Wish you could do another Christmas themed project. 😉

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    The dumbest thing I’ve ever done in Photoshop is adding hair to a girl’s legs :)) It didn’t look very realistic, but she liked it.
    But when you made the snow flakes brush here, why did you increase the roundness jitter, if you used a round brush?? The roundness jitter doesn’t have any effect on a round brush, as far as I know …?