Nov 04, 2011

How to Save and Export Images Properly

I couldn’t be more excited about this weekend! WE are going to turn you into amazing photographers. The challenge this weekend is just that, a CHALLENGE. We don’t get better by doing the easy things. I will be contacting photographers in the area and meeting up, making new friends, and going on shoots. I am going to provide proof of my calls.

You can do it! Call those photographers in your area. If you don’t know any, I know a guy named GOOGLE who does. Make it happen. Grow. Connect. This is for YOU!!

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      Demetrius Austin

      I don’t have them but I have used them a few times…  Mainly for sports stuff like gymnastics in order to utilize the 8fps ability of the einsteins.

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    Absolutely Solid Week, I have to say… I even re-watched a couple of the other vids to get a clearer understanding….Thanks Aaron! 

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    Joacim Roboman Schwartz

    Great basic tutorial on saving. However, I noticed that when saving the .jpg as, Aaron had ticked in “progressive” set on 3.

    What that does is it loads the picture three seperate times. Those who remember the old days with 28k modems for internet, loading an image would take aaaages, where the “progressive” setting devides the image into three loadings. Quite difficult to explain, but in modern time where we got high speed broadband, this setting is no longer needed, only if the person/client has a slow connection.

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    Priscilla Lumbreras Fernández

    This weekend contest is kind of strange… This weekend I will not call
    anybody because I’m a little bit sick, but instead, I will tell you my
    story about any photographers who lives in my city and that I have meet
    in the past.

    The most important one for me I didn’t  meet him yet. He’s Eugenio Recuenco (
    A couple years ago I was start with photography and one of my friends
    insisted me to contact he, tell him that I admire his work and show him
    mine. I didn’t want to do that because I was starting to learn and I
    thought that my work doesn’t good enough (obviously). I finally write
    him and I only tell him that I love his work. My surprise come when, a
    few days later, he wrote me back a long email answer mine. And then I
    thought: He’s not a god, he’s a human! haha!

    Another great photographer that I’ve meet, this time in person, was Lorenzo Herrera (
    He came to do some photographs in a short film that I was directing and
    because I was stress in that moment I only talk with him 5 minutes. A
    few years later, when I start with photography, I check again his work
    and I find that he do weekends workshops, so I went to one. I discover
    that he is a great teacher besides a great photographer and a
    great person too. We didn’t keep contact, but a few years later (again)
    I wrote him to come to an exhibition that I do. He comes and we have a
    great time. We still don’t keep contact, but I know I will see him again
    in a few years.
    And the best story of all (that’s the last one, I promise) is with David (
    I discovered his Flickr stream and fell in love with his images. I
    start to make ‘favourites’ all that I like and couple hours later I
    received and email from him. He was surprised about all the favourites
    (and I think little scared). We start to chat and one day we meet in
    person. He becomes in a good friend an even get me the flat where I live
    Ok, that’s 3 of my stories with other photographers.Have a nice weekend!

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    Joseph McCarthy

    Well tomorrow I am going to a bride fair, to try and find some photographers to follow. And during the week, I am going to attempt to make contact with David Bailey as he is awesome, legend and an inspiration. 

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    I’m late to the party again.  Just had a chance to finish some of this weeks episodes. 
    I am fortunate to live in an area that offers some great networking potential.  I work for a large company that has it’s own design and photography department and I visit their studio(s) and pick the brain of the designer frequently.
    I am also the secretary for a photography club at our company and we meet every two weeks to shoot and talk about our work.  We also do monthly contests.
    I am a member of a local group ( and we meet monthly to discuss photography.  The group is run by a 40 year veteran of press and commercial photography and 90% of the members are full time professionals (sports, portraiture, etc..)  Always a treasure chest of information and we shoot together on occasions.
    Outside of those, 2 of my best friends are full time professional photographers and are doing very well with their niche products.  We help each other out all the time but my focus has been on creating a commercial portfolio.
    My advice to others is to join a local group or start your own and invite people you want to meet or work with.

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    this video inspired me into doing something i’ve been considering for ages but never had the nerve to do. i’ll called up a big photographer company in a nearby city that specialise in unique portraits (either family or portfolio work). i told them about my style of photgraphy, emailed them some stuff and asked if i could help out, ad they offered me a weeks work experience with them starting on the 14th! AND they say that if i do well, they’ll consider giving me a job there! thanks so much for this video!

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    greg t

    Aaron, could you please let me know the steps in your quick pp here… Not the saving part, but the curves layer and how you did that  quick marquee tool move??

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      Demetrius Austin

      Greg, here are the steps I believe:

      1.  Create a curves layer
      2.  In the RGB channel, grab the mid-tones and raise it up a bit
      3.  Go back to the layers palette and click to make the mask active for the curves layer you just made
      4.  Get your circular marquee tool and highlight the area you want
      5.  Inverse the selection which will apply the curves adjustment to everything newly selected
      6.  Create another curves adjustment layer and choose the blue channel
      7.  Grab the shadows and raise them up (to your liking) and this will add blue tones to the shadows
      8.  Grab the highlights and lower them to your liking and this will add yellow tones to the highlights
      9.  Create a stamp visible layer
      10.  Then, Filter > Noise > Add Noise (to your liking)

      Please note:  Steps 4-6 are not exactly what Aaron did.  I tried to figure those out, but this is as close as I came.  Hopefully someone else or Aaron will correct what I have..

      This actually helped to figure out a couple of things I wanted to do..

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    Wouter van der Linde

    I contacted one off dutch best fashion photographers if i could be his intern for a half year, he asked for an meeting and so we did! And guess what I did the interview very well and now I’m his intern for an half year!
    I’m starting in Februari 2012 🙂

    Check out his work at:

    So stoked at this 🙂

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    Mike Fendt

    Dude my phone has not stopped ringing all weekend and i have not drunk so much coffee in my life, Ha now  I know why. Thanks mate lol 

    Joking aside, I found if you make a little group for photographers on Facebook and have a little day out with them you can learn so much as there all into photography in different ways and also know different techniques that you can learn from, I done a London day out across the streets and photographed so many different things but what I found more interesting was the way the others approached people and what caught there eyes, it was truly inspiring, im going to have to do another one soon. 

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    Having two very young children, it’s hard for me to set up meetings. Especially since my youngest doesn’t take bottles. 😉  But, about 6 months ago, my sister’s school was looking for a photographer for prom.  I called up my parents old friend (who is a photographer in the area) and told him about the gig.  He then asked me to help AND even paid me for my time even though I didn’t ask for payment, nor did I expect it.  I didn’t do much because I was 6 1/2 months pregnant (took payments, organized paperwork, etc…) but, it was a GREAT learning experience.  I learned about lighting, posing (individuals, couples, and groups), organizing paperwork/files so the right people got the right photos,…the list goes on and on. 

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    Eric Burgers

    I’m not sure if this counts, but I am participating in photo contests (shoot outs). This summer I debuted in the Open Dutch Championships for Underwaterphotography (25th place, regretfully), and last week I was second with a photo contest on a recently sunk wreck. I discussed techniques with Rini Luykx (, on of the jury members. I  am currently talking to a group of fellow fickr members to join them on liveaboard diving trip to Egypt: one week at the Red Sea taking pictures and discussing the results. Phew! – busy, busy, busy.

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    Andrea Peipe

    Your happy mood in the beginning made me smile big time :)) Very contagious!

    I have been saving my photos in psd for a while until I am done editing for sure to not loose anything but actually you are right…I should just save them in psd and not delete them afterwards! Will do now 😀 Thanks Aaron!

    GREAT tip on the Save for Web & Devices, I had never even seen this feature in CS5! 

    And omg you saved my day today! I needed my logo as a png for using it in lightroom when exporting photos for clients to look at and I had no idea how to do it! What a coincidence… have been trying to figure it out in the morning and now you are showing us how to save png files… <3

    About the meetings…I always love meeting fellow photographers from Flickr for example but for some reason the ones I met here so far that live in my city or close by did not make me that happy. I guess it just did not click. Will try again, I promise. 

    Anybody here from Munich and wanting to meet up? 😀

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    Hey I know I’m late but here is my story. I contacted this photographer called Steve Z, based in Boulder CO. I asked him if I could meet and possibly tag along for a photo shoot. He was like..”.yeah…hum…ok…I got a shoot in an hour…not like you can make it”. haha. .
    So I  told him that, actually, I was going to make it. I bounced my kids  to some friends and off I went. I learned a lot! Mostly how to use light outdoors. He used an AlienBee and battery pack, a D700 , a wide angle, a 35 mm, a 70-200…I was blown away by the equipment.
    It was a bit weird and I helped him as much as I could, offered a few times to help him for a wedding maybe??
    He never contacted me back but at least I was happy to assist him. 
    So guys….it’s worth it. Just go out there and ask. I want to find someone else, a fashion photographer maybe, as my next target 🙂

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    Filip Karlsson

    old video but i have a tip for upload on the web.

    image > image size > make it smaller, choose also “bicubic Sharper (Best for reduction) > OK

    This will do that you not lose sharpness in the web.

    Then instead for “save for web” who is like shit!

    Edit > Convert to profile > choose sRGB.

    Give you 90% chans that the photo you have on photoshop are the same on the web! 🙂