Mar 09, 2012

Behind the Scenes: STD Up


This image was shot for a campaign to raise awareness for STDs and encourage people to get tested. A friendly reminder that some trash can’t be taken out but remains with you. The final photo is a Composite of Sarah and each head, all photographed separately and put together in Photoshop. We wanted to make an image that is glamorous but also a little twisted, using lots of detail and dramatic lighting.

We used an entire box of trash bags to make the dress, which was huge! Our goal was to have it lit to look like a high fashion, quality dress. Although the image was planned out entirely before we started shooting, seeing Sarah smoke inspired the cigarette and smoke in the final photo. Pre-planning is always a very important part of the process but its always great to roll with what looks best once on location.


Strobist: White Lightining X1600 cam left into gridded beauty dish. WL800 cam left and right into med softboxes aimed at model’s Face for rim. AB800 into gridded strip above model as Hair. 2AB400s shooting into ceiling for fill. All fired via PWii.

The Team

We had a great team helping out with this image. Our assistants did everything from filming BTS video to putting the trash bags over their Faces, this wouldn’t have been possible without everyone that was there!

Sarah Vonderhaar model

Iris GuevaraMakeup and Hair

Broderick HogueGraphic Design

Ken Roz– assistant

Zach Spinner– assistant

Amelia Fletcher– dress design and production

Amy Aiello– dress design and assistant

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