How to Use Adjustment Layer in Photoshop

Photoshop adjustment layer doesn’t change contents (pixels) of that layers but direct layers correction does. If we apply clipping mask to correction layers then correction will influence only on the layer that is right under adjustment layer. Also, you can create clipping mask photoshop using the menu” Layers-Create clipping mask” here you can always abolish or create it also you can use” ctrl+alt+g” button combination.

Photoshop adjustment layer contains some corrections like Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves, Exposure, Vibrancy, Hue/Saturation etc.

Correction layers can be replacement for corrections from the menu” Image- Adjustments” however cannot contains of all above-listed points. But like common layer we can function with styles and masks of layer (it creates by default at creating correction layers and it can be deleted) photoshop adjustment layer. With help of the mask of layer we can control the area of using correction. Like a mask of common we can flood it (fully or partly) with black color hiding effect of correction on the layers on the down of them. And we can flood it with white color returning again that effect.

Also, like a common layer photoshop adjustment layer can be sorted, connected with another layer, made a copy, blocked, moved or deleted. For creating correction layers you can follow two ways:

  1. Go to menu” Layer – New Adjustment Layer” and there choose wanted correction;
  2. On the down side of layer palette click on the icon of black-white circle (Create new fill or adjustment layer) and choose wanted point.

Notice: Because photoshop adjustment layers contains different corrections but not pixels, they increase file definition much less than standard pixels layers. However, working with enormous big files you can unite adjustment layers and pixels layers with purpose of decreasing size of file.