How to Use Clipping Mask in Photoshop

For example, on the basic layer any figures can be imagined. Let’s have a look at circumference, the edges of that circumference bound visibility of all other layers that are on the top and that are in the group of clipping masks photoshop. Therefore, everything that is imagined on the upper layers will be cut off until the border of basic layer. Also, we need to notice that the upper layer inherits limpidity of the basic layer even if basic layer has 100 percent of limpidity.

The feature of this tool is that the upper layer is moveable and you can move it as much times as you need and after all moves it won’t go beyond borders of basic layer of clipping mask photoshop. This feature gives you the ability to move the upper image, put it in the wanted place without cutting it off. Also, you can use some styles of layer for basic layer. And with help of clipping mask photoshop we can get perfect borders of figure by repeated repainting.

For example, we created blue circumference but we need another color then we repaint figure for that we choose circumference and flood it with wanted color. If we do it a few times then we will get more pixels of color on the borders of figure and the shape of circumference will be look unqualify. But thank to clipping mask photoshop we can repaint figures and shape and quality of picture will not hurt.

This also called alt-click. This technique got the name from method of creating clipping mask photoshop. To create it you need to move cursor between layers holding alt button in the palette of layers then you need to click mouse button on it and the upper layer will move right and at the left side of it will be the arrow and then there will be excretion near to the lowest layer.

How to create a clipping mask photoshop? It’s very simple you just use the menu” Layers-Creat e clipping mask” here you can always abolish or create it also you can use” ctrl+alt+g” button combination.