How to Use Layer Mask in Photoshop

It is wonderful if you need to understand managing of the layers with a mask. Despite the fact that you can regulate the level of transparency of the layer itself, the use of the mask provides you with much more control over what you are showing and what you are hiding. Moreover, the huge advantage is that you can do all this without deleting any pixels! We will explain you how to get all out of this fantastic option.

Choose the layer you would like to work with. Ensures that the layer is observable; otherwise, you will not be allowed to apply this option.

With the usage of the Marquee, mark the zone. If you want a smooth transition, apply the Feather style before selecting an area.

Choose “Add Layer Mask” down on the options panel.

Otherwise, you can make a mask by going to the menu and selecting Layer Mask.

Get the result. After applying a layer mask, the picture will be correct.

Correct the Layer Mask

You may want to get from this function a bit more:

  • Adjust the layers on your picture;
  • Choose the part of the photo. Now pick the Pen tool. Mark the area near the person for selection, and then use the Direct Selection Tool;
  • Transform the selection. After selecting the chosen area, click on it with the right button of your mouse and select Make Selection… »;
  • Then press on the Layer Mask. The area that was selected will keep on being visible; other parts of the picture will remain invisible under the layer.

If you need to show more on the front layer, just select this part, you can draw the mask for showing more of the foreground. Now pick the brush and change the foreground to white then colorize the piece you need to be saved. To avoid lumens you would better paint up the back layer with the black color.

Black is completely translucent, and white is misty. You can similarly use different shadows of gray color that turn the mask to the more translucent condition.