How to Use Pen Tool in Photoshop

In the toolbar we see Pen tool. It is necessary for those who engaged to drawing and image editing. Consider the Pen tool and how to use it.

Click on the “Pen” in the left pane. At the top will open its settings panel. You will see two modes:
1. Layer-shape is built in the layered vector image;
2. Contours.

At first, you choose the color and immediately you can draw selected color figures. The painted element appears on a separate layer. It turns out the vector layer; you can change it – edit according to the principles of vector graphics. In the layer you’ll see an icon hovering over which will display the vector mask “Thumbnail” – you can work with a vector object.

When operating at the second mode set at the sheet point is formed a guide video. Put the next point and hold the guide straight again. Pull the guides aspects where you need to bend the line. The longer guide segment, the stronger the bending. Click on the first anchor point with the pen, close the loop. You can carry out various operations for image formation.

The pen is used to create a marquee in Photoshop:

  • Creating points – to create the outline of any image, click inside the shape, right-click;
  • In the menu that appears, click on “Form selected area”;
  • Appears new window where you can set the feather radius to select an image, activate the function of smoothing the jagged edges;
  • Clicking OK or Yes, forms are delineated with the pen selection area.

A function of a vector mask can restrict work with the image of the selected path. For example, when using the brush for coloring the shapes, color will not go beyond the outline, even if you hold the brush over the border.

As you can see, the Pen gives many opportunities for vector graphics. If you didn’t know how to use the pen in Photoshop, check its settings, and then test them in practice.