How to Use Sepia in Photoshop

The sepia filter in Photoshop is one of the most popular techniques of photo retouching. It creates an old photo effect, converting a colored picture into monochrome warm brown tones. Your images will look stylish and interesting:

  • Open the picture in Photoshop which you want to add a sepia tone to;
  • From the available modes in Image menu choose Grayscale. Photoshop will ask you if you really want to discard all color information, you should agree, pressing Ok. You will receive the black & white picture. It is an important thing to do so that the sepia filter will be applied correctly;
  • After that return back to the RGB Color mode in the same menu. It is also a very important point because you are not allowed to play with colors in the previous mode;
  • Now choose Adjustments option in the same menu again. The Photo Filter pop-up window will appear at the screen. It will offer you the possible filters, you should select Sepia one out of them;
  • Establish the degree of density to 85%. We recommend this figure as it is more commonly used, but you can try different density if you like, maybe it suits more to your concrete situation;
  • Put a check at the Preserve Luminosity box and click Ok;
  • The beautiful photo with a hint of warm brown shade is ready, enjoy!

This is the easiest way to apply sepia filter to your image but Photoshop can suggest you several other methods, as usual. As the final result will be absolutely the same – applying a classical sepia tone to the image, we offer you to use this handy and simple technique for creating retro style pictures out of your shoots.