Aug 23, 2012

Lighting Tips for a Product Shoot

This shoot is a part of a small series we are doing with watches. There are a couple twists we’re going to add in post of course, but for now the main focus is lighting the watch and Amelia’s arm in a way that will Draw attention to the watch without reflecting the camera or Lights.

Reflective Surfaces

The whole problem is the Reflections. Because we’re using butcher paper as part of our final idea we couldn’t simply use a black or white Background. So we lit the watch from the back using two stripboxes to create long, thin Reflections basically outlining the entire thing.

Our next light is a gridded 10 degree spot that puts an extra kick of light in. Then we have our main Light, with the modeling Light on so that I know the Angle it’s hitting the watch at is what I want

The last part of our lighting is for fill Light. A reflector helps bounce around light to serve as fill, which will make a big Difference! We also have a Light facing the white wall to reflect diffused, Soft Light onto the arm and watch.

Final Image

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