Aug 15, 2012

The Importance of Editing Appropriately

Stylizing an Image

It can be very easy to see a Style you like and mimc the look in your on images only to find that the photo you’re working on really didn’t look right with those techniques. In today’s episode I’ll explain why you should be very selective about how you edit and work on a wedding image sent over by Dan.

We want to make sure the Style says “wedding,” so I’m going to do some subtle effects that give it the right mood without going over the top.

A great first step, before you ever begin to edit, is to determine what you want to change. In this photo there are a few distracting elements as well as som things that make it interesting. A few of the details take the attention off of the subject so i’m going to crop in based on the rule of thirds, ensuring that the woman is the focal point of the scene.

The next step is to Clone Stamp or use the Brush Tool to clean up the image. Painting allows you to do things a litter more accurately and quicker once you get the hang of it. The key is to sample different tones and areas close to where you are painting.

Dark on Light, or vice versa, will really help things stand out. The Light dress on the dark stairs was a great idea.

Final Touches

This is what will  make the biggest Difference in the feeling or mood of an image. Color toning can be done pretty easily using Levels or Curves and give you the most control.

Lastly I’ll use a Radial Gradient to add flare, and a Vignette to finish up the photo.

Most of what I did is based on preferences. If you have images you’ve stylized based on what you photographed we’d love to seem them, post in a comment box below!



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    Carl Constantine

    I often have a hard time with just painting over an area, especially with gradient tones and making it look real. Even sampling the right areas and painting the right areas with that sample. You made it look pretty easy. Something I have to continue to practice.

  • user image

    I actually like the wall/banister camera left. For me it gives the photo a little more depth and leads my eye. Just started watching the wedding pro video, really appreciate the emphasis you put on removing distracting elements- a little bit goes a long way.

  • user image
    jorge pastrana

    cool video, but do you edit all your wedding images on photoshop? doesn’t it takes to much time? imagine to edit wedding 1200 photos!

  • user image

    Aaron, what did you start at 10:43? You did that so fast I couldn’t keep up.

  • user image

    I can’t see the answers to the jorge pastrana and Shawn. I am wondering the same things plus I would ask you, what format do you save your image at the end of your work ? 

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