May 04, 2012

The Truth About 3d in Photoshop

What I think about 3d in Photoshop

It isn’t very good.

Here is the problem: Photoshop is THE premier 2d editor, there is no better photo editor out there, they are king; Photoshop may be one of the worst 3d model/Render programs in existence.  Google Sketchup, which is a FREE program is better. I feel like it taints the brand a little to be honest. There are already so many programs that do 3d very well, and by adding 3d to Photoshop, I can’t help but compare the programs.

Here are some programs that ARE good at 3d:

You will Learn Something

All is not lost, this is not just a rant episode, I do teach how to Extrude shapes in Photoshop, change Textures, add and Soften Shadows, and Render.

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    You are forgetting about Modo, which I love for its simplicity as well as sculpting.

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    Great episode, I personally use Blender at work, and it’s really good!

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    I would love to see how you or others use 3D from another program in photoshop?  I have never used any other program and have just done text as you just did in this tutorial.  I would like to see how you use other 3d programs and put that into photoshop.

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    The 3D in Photoshop is a HUGE drag on a system. It does have some useful
    features, but all in all, it’s a waste of space. I use Blender 3D
    (AWESOME free program), simply render to a PNG, and import to Photoshop
    file. Blender renders much faster as well as don’t demand OpenGL.
    Something my old computer can’t support.