Nov 13, 2013

Making An Advanced Lens Flare In Photoshop

Doing Lens Flares Right

Lens flares can be a fantastic element in an image to add some interest and color. The lens flare filter in Photoshop can also be misused and over done. In this episode we’ll show you how to correctly add some subtle style.

Starting with curves for color

Before we even touch the lens flare filter we want to add some color to the image. Adding warmth to the image will help make the lens flare more believable. Selectively making “light creepers” around the subject will help sell the idea of light shining through the subject to the camera.

Len Flare Filter

Watch Aaron go through some techniques to really make the Lens Flare filter easier to work with. But we’re not telling you what they are, you’ll have to watch the video to find out.


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    Marc Daneau

    Hi Aaron, You dont seems to have fun anymore! I am an everyday follower and I feel sorry for you! I am not sure you take the good road for the futur! Maybe the choice of business (money) is not the good choice for you. Sometime smaller is better. Stay who you are! Dont let other people tells you what you should do. I’m not in a position where I can understand everythings but I surely see and feel something is wrong! I am certain you can make good money and stay who you are! You start something great… But lately it you seem to have loose the war. It look like if you have no other choice than to follow the roules of the CA. You are my inspiration and probably the inspiration of thousands others. I dont follow Plearn… I follow AAron Nace… and I will follow Aaron Nace!
    Sorry for my bad english, I am a french spoken guy from Montreal, Canada and you are my inspiration.
    Good lock to you and all members of your team.

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      Hi Marc, I rarely write about things on the internet, but on this occasion somehow I feel I have to. Yes, you are right, the fun is missing from him during the last few weeks. But that must just be because he is very busy right now. Obviously he is improving the business side of his trade and why not? He will do what he chooses to do; that is fair isnt it. Let us believe he will return with something superior.

      There is a ton to learn for photographers and retouchers in phlearn and the advanced tutorials are also updated regularly. Phlearn is changing and I for one can wait until it gets a final form. And, even in case if it turns into something that I dont like, I feel lucky to have learned so much already from Aaron about photoshop and photography in general.

      Wishing him all the very best.

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      Aaron Nace

      Hey Marc,

      I totally understand where you are coming from and I am fully aware of my own emotions. Everyone goes through different phases in life, most people don’t live those phases publicly. I assure you that I am doing well, just going through some personal trials.

      I really appreciate your support through this. Everything happens for a reason and we will see where this leads.


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    Yehoshua Derovan

    Hi there Aaron!

    I love your tutorials and watch them regularly.

    Glyn Dewis just made an awesome video about a good way to control the lens flare technique.