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Photoshop Actions

Lightning in a Bottle.

Frequency separation, sharpening, and dodging and burning just got a whole lot easier.

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Dodging and Burning is an extremely powerful technique that can sculpt, contour, and enhance the details of your subject. Our Actions are designed to speed up workflow for retouchers of all skill levels while helping beginners understand the method.
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187 Different Looks – For the brand new #phlearnmethod, we have included twice as many gorgeous Photoshop Actions & Lightroom Presets that will simplify your workflow while delivering amazing results.
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Add a Touch of Sunlight & Warmth to Your Photos. This action pack is perfect for back-lit photos. Add a subtle glow to wedding, lifestyle, event, and landscape photos.
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Turn your image into an instant classic with 15 black & white Photoshop actions specialized for portraits, landscapes, and lifestyle photos.
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Add eight levels of non-destructive sharpening to your images, or create your own custom sharpening.
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Light rays appear when light shines through atmosphere like clouds or fog, or when you use this Photoshop Action.
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This action pack makes enhancing eyes as simple as possible. Simply click play and the action does the rest!
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Create flawless portraits with any skin tone! Frequency separation is incredibly powerful, and we show you the right way to use it.
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Simplify your photos into two primary colors with the click of a button.
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