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Master the tools and techniques to create fire and light effects, suspend subjects in the air, and apply unusual textures to skin.

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Learn each step required to shoot and retouch 3 different styles of levitation. This is the most comprehensive levitation photography and Photoshop tutorial available anywhere.
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Follow along step-by-step to create 2 incredible images from start to finish. If you are interested in learning dozens of tool and techniques to propel your working knowledge of Photoshop and photography, look no further. This is it.
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This tutorial is a bundle of some of our favorite Compositing tutorials here at PHLEARN.
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YouTube’s Top Photoshop Expert Aaron Nace brings years of Photoshop experience together with unique compositing and parallax methods and critical attention to detail.
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Take your composite skills to new levels and learn the best methods to enlarge a person within their surroundings. This Phlearn PRO Tutorial will teach you how to flawlessly select hair, capture a perfect exposure, create custom brushes, master the pen tool and much more!
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Learn how to calculate advanced perspectives, create shadows, cut out subjects and add light sources. Specifically fire! Learn how to photograph and composite your subject into a new background so it really stands out.
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Learn how to seamlessly create even the most complex special effects composite images. In this Phlearn PRO Tutorial your will discover how to cut out objects, use custom brushes, match colors, step and repeat, composite theory and more.
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This Phlearn PRO Tutorial shows you some of the tricks for using Photoshop to make the riskiest shoots less dangerous so you can create more impactful images. Learn about advanced color modes, compositing images, dodging, burning, selective blurs and more.
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This Phlearn PRO Tutorial will show you more than just basic compositing. You will learn how to seamlessly integrate subtle traits, characteristics and personality into one cohesive being, real or imaginary.
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In this special composite and lighting Phlearn PRO Tutorial we will learn how to create remarkable, detailed fantasy images. Create light rays, glows, composites with multiple people, increased highlights & shadows, sharper details and much more!
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In this advanced Phlearn PRO Tutorial you will learn the photography and photoshop required to transform your images into an underwater world. These skills and techniques will allow you create just about anything you can image.
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In this Phlearn PRO Tutorial, you will learn how to take the texture from any background and blend it directly onto your subject. Discover techniques for blending, colorizing, advanced cloning, creating highlights + shadows, making selections and more.
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