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Enhancing a Light Source With Color

A great way to make a Light source appear as if it’s lighting its surroundings is to create a Color cast. Hue and Saturation do a great job of pumping up the Vibrance of the glowing orb, and by giving the rest of the image a greenish tint using Curves the Light looks much more bright and powerful. You can even add warmth to the Shadows of your photo to create more of a Contrast.

Bring The Light to Life

While Lens Flares don’t really fit into a majority of images, they work great for sci-fi images such as this one. By using parts of the original image and manipulating them to create a Lens Flare, you’ll end up with something much more organic looking. By using another Curves Adjustment Layer, we add a deep greenish tint to the orb. This is a small detail, but it helps to give the Light more Depth and interest.

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