The Flora Collection by Pratik Naik & Bella Kotak

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Inspired by the colors of Spring, The Flora Collection takes us down the rabbit hole into a wonderland of pastel pinks, soft blues, and unicorn iridescent hues.

Run each action and see the colors dance across your photos. You can layer different actions, changing their opacities to create your own color mood. Our actions are designed to be easy to follow, and even easier to manipulate and modify so that you can create colors that are striking and unique to your vision!

Included Actions

Blush of Rose   |   Nightshade   |   Ultraviolet   |   Blue Jasmine   |   Iris   |   Garden of Life

Words from the Artists – Pratik Naik & Bella Kotak

Hello PHLEARN community, Bella and Pratik here! We’re so excited to be bringing you our beloved Fine Art Actions. These are high-end color toning actions made from the layers we’ve used in editorial images and gallery pieces. They are intricate yet easy to use and modify! I hope you truly love them as much as we do.

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Garden of Life Action

The last light of the day slipping through woodland greens creating a perfect harmony of warm tones, we call this magic time, golden hour. Bring that magic to your images with this action. Crafted to add warmth with something that little bit extra that no one will be able quite put their finger on.



Nightshade Action

Bring the cool hues of the color spectrum to your images with this action. I imagined the kind of deep blue experienced on moon kissed nights, subdued highlights and deep shadows that hold color secrets.



Blush of Rose Action

Pinks never looked so good! Warm layers wrapped up in pastel blush rose tones ground this romantic action making it perfect for portrait, engagements, and wedding images.



Iris Action

This unique action of warm and cool tones runs beautifully in both studio and location shots both portrait and wide framed. Blues hide in the shadows warmth in the highlights, and a range of colors in the space between.



Blue Jasmine Action

The ethereal contrast of background hues of blues and soft greens with warm subject tone allow the color tones for this action work to bring depth and life to any picture.



Ultraviolet Action

Imagine lavender infused shades of pastel purples that transform an ordinary image into something filled with magic. This action lifts your pictures to another level with it soft lilac tones and works beautifully with all genres of photography.

Artist Spotlight

Photographer, Artist

I am a fine-art photographer based in Oxford, UK. Bringing the world of fairytale and magic to life through my photographs is a passion and colour plays such a huge role in my work. I believe colour toning can help create a mood, an atmosphere, enhance, or draw attention to a picture. It’s an art form and one that I’m learning more about each day. Every action here has been crafted and tested over and over until it is something I’m super proud of and use within my own workflow.

Seeing what working photographers have started to do with my vision has convinced me to keep providing my colours to the world. Pratik and I love to see the many ways our colours are applied across the various genres in photography, from fashion, to beauty, to even food photography. We truly enjoy highlighting your work with our magic on our Instagram and Featured page.

It’s my pleasure to share a little bit of my world with you.


I am a retoucher by trade and owner of Solstice Retouch. I truly enjoy working with Bella to bring her images to life on a daily basis. We complete each other as a couple and as industry creatives. Bella is able to see color in a way that I envy and working with her allows me to refine her vision and package her color work for everyone to take advantage of.

I haven’t seen color work done to this standard through an action before. Seeing the way she plays and pulls colors really excited me enough to come on board and help her share that vision with you. I help create the actions themselves so that they are easy to use and modify to make them yours.


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