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How to Add an Animal into the Foreground

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Y’all asked to add an animal into the image, and to make things even a bit more difficult we decided to add a cat into the foreground.

First, we found an image of a cat that works for the photograph. You can take your own image as long as you remember to Light it all the same. We made a selection around the cat using the Magic Wand Tool, and with the Outline selected all we have to do is fill in the middle to make a quick, easy, and perfect selection. In order to make the cat seem natural we then use a combination of Levels, Hue, and Saturation to make sure we get the Color right. And we use a few special techniques to check the values of each. And finally a custom Brush with the Clone Stamp tool to add more grass in front of the cat.

Hope you all enjoy and can put this all in to practice soon!

Skills You Will Learn

  • Compositing
  • Magic Wand
  • Pen Tool
  • Special FX
  • Tone

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