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How to Create a Story Through Photography

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Creating a Story Through Photography

Why is creating a story in your photos so important? Because it gives the viewer something they can relate to.

In yesterday’s article –Why John Carter Sucks and Avatar is Awesome – we talked about how using emotion can be the Difference between success and failure. The same exists in photography when it comes to telling a story.

To create a story in your photos, you can start by coming up with just a few elements. You will need characters, a location, and objects for them to interact with. These are all completely open ended, and you can make a story using any combination you feel works best. For instance you can have multiple characters, or many objects. You can also use a character as an object.

Our Exercise

Today we are going over a great exercise for creating a story, it is simple and can be done anywhere. All you have to do is make separate lists of the 3 elements discussed above: characters, location, and objects.

Once you have your lists of elements, it is time to bring everything together, matching each element to another. You will wind up with an original story every time!

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