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Today we cover why some things are best saved for the END of an edit.
Throughout my history of learning Photoshop and Photography, I have a tendency to rush things. With editing, this can really hurt good process. There are things that need to be done first and things that need to be done last in order for everything to come out right. Experience is the best teacher, and I am sharing mine. Doing things the wrong way around is like putting frosting on a cake before you put it in the oven. Not gonna work.

Here are a few things that are best saved for the end.
Sharpening – If done too early it can really mess up your image quality.
Coloring – Make sure your image looks good in Black and White first
Adding Noise, Blurs, Other effects – you want these to hit everything equally
Textures – These work best when applied evenly to everything.

How do you know when you are done with a photo? Use the step away method πŸ™‚

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