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Creative Portrait Photography with Miss Aniela

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Miss Aniela Natalie Dybisz

Natalie Dybisz AKA Miss Aniela is an amazing photographer. Her work has been viewed by millions online, exhibited in galleries and fairs worldwide, and she has been described as a “star” by both American Photo and Photoicon. She works with commercial clients, fashion shoots, and has a personal fine art portfolio. Her new book covers it all. In today’s episode we’ll ask her about her best pieces of advice, the featured photographers, how she feels about giving away her secrets, and more.

Creative Portrait Photography

This book is an amazing resource for anyone interested in portraiture, with a comprehensive guide to not only what is in each shot but WHY.  It includes Natalie’s creative process as well as showcases top portrait photographer’s work, “taking you on a behind the scenes journey from first concept to post processing.”

Creative Portrait Photography


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