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How Not To Edit a Photo in Photoshop

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Ever wanted to make fun of your friends while using photoshop?

Well, here is your chance. After you create your own version, share your image on our website under this post so we can all laugh together. Don forget to subscribe to our youtube Channel to stay ahead of the photography and Photoshop world.

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Using Layer FX on Type

Despite what most people think, using layer FX is actually OK. Often times layer FX will actually make your type stand out from the Background, making it legible. If you want white Text on a Light colored Background, just drop a small Drop Shadow on it.

Even apple uses Drop Shadows in their operating system. Don’t believe me? Just open a new window and notice the nice Shadow on the bottom/right/left of the window.

Cutting people Out.

The easiest way to cut people out of their Backgrounds is to shoot them on a solid Color seamless and then use the Magic Wand Tool to cut them out. This is not going to give you a great selection, but in cases like this, it really doesn’t matter.

We are trying to make a bad Holiday Card after all!

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