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Q&A: Escaping the Creative Rut

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Welcome to PHLEARN Q&A.

This week we tackle the creative rut and show you how to straighten objects in Photohsop.
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    Right captain Phlearn!! Here’s one for you! I’m about to make a rather large investment into a MacBook, I have a Mac but want the ability that if travelling I can shoot tethered on location ALSO have the ability to edit images anywhere! The issue with such a large financial investment in uncertain what make model to get! I composite images a lot so file sizes get rather large but was thinking I could transfer to external hard drive I stead of having a large storage on the machine itself. Large screen is going to be important I believe? Basically which model sdo you recommend? Or any advice on what to look into before o make this investment? Sorry for the rambelling I’m #confused 😉

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I just enter now in DSRL world and they are moving for a different way to shot photos =(

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    With all the passion and energy you have in helping people learn have you considered some test to certify some people for photoshop, Lightroom and photography? It would be a bonus to those building a portfolio and also help build confidence in those that are learning. You might even have different levels like beginner up to advanced so it could benefit the new photographer and still give a level for the more advanced to shine. I wouldn’t think you would need to be a school as the cert is more to express from you that the person has done well enough in your eyes for a level of talent.