Q&A Softbox vs Octobox vs Beautydish

Q&A: Softbox, Octabox, Beauty Dish & Prime vs. Zoom Lens

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Welcome to PHLEARN Q&A.

This week we discuss the differences between soft-boxes, octo-boxes, and beatuy-dishes. Plus prime lenses vs. zoom lenses.
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    This is the best deal on the web – period. But never mind that. The funniest thing ever is putting the play back speed at .5 and listening to Aaron. He sounds drunk and it is fantastically hilarious! Try it. Do the Q&A one about soft boxes, octaboxes and beauty dishes and I swear they made his reply for this reason! LOL! Great stuff guys! A++++

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi, I made a small garage studio with 2 flash strobes using 2 octaboxes. My garage has no lighting beside that 1 bulb in every garage. Will using modeling lamp on both strobes through the softbox be enough lighting? (like for focusing)

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    Phlearn is fantastic! I love watching these videos, old and new, over and over again. I’m always catching something new. Whether that be catching something I didn’t notice in a previous video or learning something new in a recently posted videos. Aaron, what’s the best editing order to follow when working on portraits? For example, would it be best to start with Liquify (if needed), then Frequency Separation, then blemish removal, followed by Dodging & Burning then Color Correcting? I guess what I’m asking is, when you’re editing an image, what things do you know should be performed before others?

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love your lessons. I have learned a ton since I have been a member, so thank you. I do have a question. Is there any way that you can post a video of how you handle multiple computers with one LR Catalog? This seems to be my biggest challenge I can’t decide if I should have a master/slave configuration or if I should store all my images and catalog on an ssd drive. Please help.

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    I’m just a Beginner in using digital cameras, I use to take photos with my phone. and now I’m really learning So Much from You, Thank you very much for this great website and these amazing lessons. though I still need a lot to improve and I also get scared when I have a photo session But your Words today Give me the courage to go through and try harder.. Thank you from all of my heart.. ^_^

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    Loved watching this weeks Q&A series! One for you guys, when working on files I’m noticing that my image size start increasing quite rapidly! By the time I’m done the images are around 3 – 6GB which I eating up my hard drive space! What could you recommend to keep these file sizes reasonable? Most of my stuff I post on Facebook or instagram. I print an odd few for photography competitions but not many.