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Making the Total Recall Movie Poster pt.1

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Re-creating an Image

We are going to put together a photo like this one from “Total Recall” over the next few days! Today will cover all the pre-production.


The first thing we’ll do is analyze lighting. Colin is rim lit on each side and a hair light on top, so we used two strip boxes for the left side and above and an octobox on camera right. There’s also some fill Light, we used an 86″ parabolic for fill.

Even though we had a broad fill light the jacket was still losing detail because it’s so dark. To fix the problem we used a gridded beauty dish, using a grid focuses the light directionally.


It’s important to have someone directing the model, its harder than it looks because they can’t see what they are doing. If you have a hard time explaining something to a model try showing them the images so they can see for themselves. Having them move slightly with each different shot is a also a good idea, that way the shots have a lot of variation.


Tomorrow’s episode will cover photographing the falling tiles to composite into the image. Make sure your lighting is as close as you can get it when compositing images! This will make all the difference as to whether or not it looks realistic.



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