What is the difference between Retouching 101-301 and The Ultimate Guide to Retouching?

Since you own The Ultimate Guide to Retouching, you are entitled to a significant discount on the brand new Retouching 101-301 just released.

The Ultimate Guide to Retouching was a great course. It covered several retouching techniques in a moderate level of detail and was designed to help someone go from beginner to intermediate level as a retoucher.

Aaron wanted to take traditional retouching farther. A lot farther. Could we create a class that not only would make someone a master retoucher, but also develop new techniques and processes for retouching?

We believe we have created a more effective process to retouch photos and Retouching 101-301 is the result of that effort.

Here are some more key differences between The Ultimate Guide to Retouching and RT 101-301:

  • Dramatically More In-Depth: 35 hours of video (instead of 8 hours), 30 sections of education (instead of 9), and 47 images to work with!
  • Professional Focus: This course is designed around rapid, professional workflows, designed for someone who wants to master the art of retouching. Learn how to retouch quickly and effectively, without sacrificing any quality.
  • Debut of a Brand New Technique: Aaron has developed a retouching process he is calling Luminosity Painting, which when used in conjunction with frequency separation is a powerful new way to retouch skin.
  • Filmed Using CC 2015.5: All new actions & brushes have been built from scratch to work perfectly in 2015.5. Additionally, Aaron covers how to retouch using brand new tools like Face-Aware Liquify.
  • Frequency Separation Unlike Any Other: Aaron is already known for his frequency separation skills, but he pushes that training even further to deliver a level of sophistication around this technique that no one has taught before (in both 8 bit and 16bit).
  • Better Quality: Shot in perfectly lit 1080p, 60fps, with on-screen keyboard shortcut & annotations, and great audio.
  • More Downloads: Dodge & Burn actions, a skin-tone color matching chart, frequency separation actions, custom retouching brushes, and more!
  • Dedicated Sections for Techniques: RT 101-301 takes a deep dive into specific techniques for eyes, hair, clothing, backgrounds, and much more.

No one chooses Phlearn because it’s the only option. When you pick a Phlearn tutorial, you are exchanging your hard earned money in the hopes that we will train you better than anyone else. You set the bar high for us for any new product we launch and we take that very seriously.

With Retouching 101-301, we believe we have delivered the most comprehensive retouching tutorial ever published.

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