Jul 17, 2012

Using a Reflector With Strobes Properly

Fill Light With Reflector

Literally “fills in” the details in the dark Shadow areas of your image. You can use a reflector and reflector stand to fill in your Shadows, which means you only need one Light as your main. 5 in 1 reflectors are our favorite since they have different options and are portable.

Moving the Light Source

The first shot we took didn’t use a reflector, and you can see how dark the Shadows are on Kate’s Face. The second shot is better, but this time there is just a little too much fill. This all depends on what you like, but try moving the reflector closer or farther away to your subject and testing it to see the Difference it makes.

Reflectors don’t have to be used off to the side. Grab an assistant or move your Light stand around wherever you want for fill!

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    VERY helpful, matches up to some stuff I was looking for just recently

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    I’ve just watched your Framed episode, and it was really enjoyable as usual~!

    I do respect you every day more, and two highlits were when you talk about pushing yourself, and have all the community raising the bar so you’re kind of forced to do so~! I’m burning to push myself more and more and phlearn is my daily medicine in doing so~! Thank you guys…

    Then I love to see more how you create a shoot, and I’d love to see this behind the scene in some future Pros~!


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    I hope one day I can find a way to photograph the part of me that laughs really hard when the motorcycle reevs up outside and makes me enjoy this video 100x more.