Web Design & Layouts Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Most of website layouts are created in Photoshop. In order to create a good design you should be aware of the basics of this program, but there are tutorials for the beginners which describe the step by step processes of creating.

The structure of common layout used to be strict over the years. It consisted of a header, footer and the main content area. Luckily, this fixed formula has run its course and we now have more freedom to design unusual and creative layouts. For example, web design which completely fills the screen gains more and more popularity.

To start with you should have a clear picture of the desired end result in your head. Give careful thought to the content or even draft it on paper before you open Photoshop. Choose your typography and colors and divide the layout into pieces where the most important elements are specially marked. Size and positioning will help you to achieve the needed effect.

You may find some clever devices to make your design more noticeable, but don’t overdo it. Sometimes absolutely common layouts look more professional and attractive for people. Among simple and effective designs, we want to point out the popular F-layout, where the important content is F shaped at the page. The vertical divide of the screen allows users to put equally important or compared elements facing each other. Three boxes layout, above-mentioned screen size layout and many others allow you to choose what suits your objectives best.

Positioning yourself as a professional, always try to create layouts which are comfortable for eyes. Bear in mind – we all used to read top to bottom, left to right, and pay attention to bright colors at first.