Logo & Brand Identify Design Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Recognizable logotype is the guaranteed success in any business. So, if you start up your own business or work with creation of brands and promotion strategies, this article will be useful for you.

Due to its availability, Photoshop logo design has become a popular tool not only for professional designers but also for ordinary users. There is a lot of literature and online tutorials on that topic, simple and more complicated, for all tastes.

When you start to design a logo, keep in mind that one of the most important things in logo creation is readability. It should look flashy, eye-catching and stick in your head. Before you start you should already know some specific information: the name of the company, its slogan if a logo requires it to appear, and the key message which should be reached through this label.

First of all, once you have Photoshop opened, choose the basic elements such as width and height, suitable font and its shape and color. Don’t be afraid to play with text. It’s a good idea to make it easy-to-read in black & white as well so that it will be easy to understand even in copies or some leaflets printed in this style. Second step is the selection of suitable background and finally adding some picture if it is necessary. You will see how general feeling of the logo changes when you add something new and try different colors.

And another helpful hint for you – don’t give up if it doesn’t work out the first time. Be patient, learn new techniques, develop your skills and free your imagination. With the help of a good logo design you will be able to turn the meaning of the company into a story.