Photo Borders & Frames Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Suppose you have edited and retouched your photo and it is already looks quite good, but you still have this strange feeling like something is missing. We’ll show you how to create interesting photo borders and frames to let your pictures have a complete perfect view.

Photoshop opens great opportunities in this field. There are different techniques for creating effective borders from simple extension of canvas size to experimenting with layer mask and Photoshop filters, to using blend modes. Some of them are simple enough and let you have a framed picture just in a few minutes. Others are more difficult to work with but they are also more functional. Try different ways of border creation and you will surely find a favorite one amongst them.

Whichever method you choose, you always begin with the selection of width of the border (by changing a canvas size or selecting needed area on the picture with Marquee tool), its color and opacity. Frames can be just the straight lines around your picture, or you can add some effects like fuzzy edges or “glass” effect. You use the casual effect of postcard border or retro Polaroid. Such a nostalgic effect is quite popular at the moment.

Several techniques can be combined together to reach the believability of the edges and make the frame look real. Beautiful effects can be achieved by creating a vignette in Photoshop. These darkened smooth corners give photos more “homely” mood.

We hope that with these methods you find the option that best suits your needs.