Print Design Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

The importance of printed visual design was demonstrated well before Photoshop appeared. Printed posters helped to inform and instruct the masses during the First World War. This effective form of visual communication developed in posters, magazines and other printed editions. Nowadays many people prefer to hold a book in their hands and feel the smell of its pages to electronic devices, despite the fact they have their own advantages such as animations and audio elements. Not surprisingly that the great and powerful Photoshop is here today and widely used for print design.

Serious moment in print design is a high resolution of the chosen picture. It is important for good perception, so be sure you resized the image remaining its quality at high level. Next step in print design is work with layers. You can add one image to another, combine them with the help of layer mask. There is a detailed layer panel in Photoshop, so you are free for your experiments. Other good tools, which many photographers like, are burning and dodging. Burning allows to darken the selected areas of the image, while dodging is lightening instrument. You can increase the contrast of the picture using them appropriately.

Special attention should be paid to the text and its color. Printed on a paper, it can significantly differ from viewed at your screen. It should attract the audience’s attention.

It’s better to check everything twice in order to ensure that your design turned out the best possible. It would be disappointing if you need to redesign and change something after the result was already printed. Spend your time and you will thank yourself at the end.