Retouching 101-301

Five years in the making. This is our longest, most comprehensive, and fun Retouching tutorial ever. Over 35 hours of instruction in total!

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5 Years in the Making

Aaron Nace brings years of Photoshop experience together with unique retouching methods and critical attention to detail.
You’ll be left wondering how you’ve edited any other way.

  • Save Time – Learn Retouching Tools

    Photoshop is an expansive program, and it can be difficult figuring out where to start. With so many options for photo editing, which tools are the best? Learn the right tools for the job and save time by focusing on what works.

  • Blemish Removal

    Ever been asked to remove a pimple in Photoshop? It seems that everyone wants to be blemish-free in photos these days. Learn the right way to remove blemishes while maintaining skin texture and detail.

  • The Phlearn Method Dodge & Burn

    Dodging and Burning is perhaps the most important part of retouching. Learning to Dodge & Burn correctly will make a huge difference in the portraits you take, and your subjects will love you for it. Save time and increase accuracy by using the Phlearn Method Dodge & Burn – integrating new keyboard shortcuts and custom brushes.

  • 16-Bit RAW Images Included for Practice

    Don’t have images of your own to practice on? No Problem! Every Phlearn PRO Tutorial includes images to perfect your technique on.

From memory card to finished work

The whole process just got easier. Tools,tips, and video clips explain the way as you are guided from Lightroom to Photoshop to a finished product.

  • Learn Culling in Lightroom

    After a photo shoot, you have hundreds or thousands of images review and choose the picks from the rejects. This process is called ‘Culling” and is an essential part of every photographer’s workflow. Learn the Phlearn Method for culling and quickly narrow down your selection of winning images. Use “Comparison” and “Survey” views to refine your choices quickly.

  • Frequency Separation

    Frequency Separation is a revolutionary retouching technique that allows you to separate skin texture from skin color—and edit each separately. Learn from the #1 resource for Frequency Separation, while using custom actions created precisely for skin retouching. Smooth skin underneath pores with ease.

  • Luminosity Painting

    Luminosity Painting is a revolutionary Phlearn Exclusive technique that allows you to paint light – it is the perfect method for smoothing skin tone. When combined with Frequency Separation, you will have full control over skin texture and skin smoothing. The results of this technique are stunning!

  • Phlearn Actions and Brushes Included

    When it comes to complicated processes like Frequency Separation and Dodging & Burning, there are many steps to remember and repeat properly. The included actions make it easier than ever to achieve these tasks at the push of a button!

Real, Professional Retouching

We cover all the bases. With special, concentrated sections pertaining to the eyes, nose, lips, teeth, and skin, you can learn each thoroughly and follow along as we combine techniques.

  • Eyes

    Eyes are the window to the soul, learn how to make them sparkle like never before. Add color, enhance details, remove veins, enhance eyelashes, and learn the right way to sharpen eyes.

  • Lips & Mouth

    Lips get chapped, cracked, dried out and lose color. Learn how to repair skin damage and add natural color. Also, learn to add shine and smooth skin for the best-looking lips!

  • Face-Aware Liquify

    New to Photoshop CC 2015, Face-Aware Liquify gives you the ability to transform and enhance facial features to an incredible degree. Make changes to eye height, size, width, tilt and distance using simple sliders. The tool also includes enhanced control over the nose, mouth, forehead, chin and face shape.

  • Six Complete Retouch Exercises

    Combine everything you learn to retouch six portraits from start to finish. Where do I start? How do different techniques tie together? What don’t I know? Follow along with the entire retouching process from Camera RAW to Exporting the Final Photos.

Learn to Adjust Anything

This tutorial covers a whole range of specific techniques for retouching specific body areas and classic trouble spots any retoucher will run into. Additionally, you will be taken through step-by-step instructions to on how to perform a complete retouch from beginning to end.

  • How to Properly Work with Color

    Retouching 301 begins with a discussion on color. What is proper skin tone and how can you make sure your images aren’t too red or too green? We teach you how to use the included Skin Tone Chart to analyze and correct skin tone. Learn workflow tips and tricks to achieve better color in your portraits!

  • Included Skin Tone Chart & Color Swatches

    Skin tone can be tough to perfect, a little too much red or green and skin starts to look weird. The included Skin Tone Chart & Swatches provide you with a quick-reference guide on proper skin tone. Compare highlights, mid-tones, and shadows to achieve proper color.

  • Children

    Children don’t tend to have many of the skin blemishes that adults do—acne and wrinkles haven’t had time to leave their mark. When retouching children, it is mostly about correcting light and color. We show you how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to add style and focus to children’s portraits.

  • Color-Tone Portraits

    Portraits can be retouched in several ways. You can focus on realism, or you can go for style. The easiest and most effective way to add style to a portrait is through color-tone. We show you how to add color to highlights, mid-tones, and shadows separately for more impact. Learn how to use Gradient Maps to color-tone and how to load color-toning presets.

Why retouch?

The ability to transform a great shot to the perfect photo will make quite an impact. The added value you will bring to your clients will be apparent and you will separate yourself from the pack.

  • Swap Heads from Different Photos

    Ever take a photo that was near perfect – the only thing is the person’s eyes were closed? It is possible to change different parts of a photo including parts of the subject. Use the techniques in this lesson to repose, replace, and re-purpose.

  • Recover Highlights and Shadows

    Skin looks great when lighting is even and consistent. Often times dark shadows on a person’s face can magnify imperfections. Light that is too bright causes light patches in the skin. Learn how to get highlights and shadows under control!

  • Advanced Sharpening for Faces

    Learn to draw more attention to specific areas of a photo using advanced sharpening techniques.

  • Background Retouching & Clean-Up

    Most photos include much more than a person’s face, so why neglect those areas when retouching? Spending a couple of minutes cleaning up a background can make a huge difference in an image. Learn special techniques focused on retouching and simplifying backgrounds.

Included in Your Download

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive learning experience possible. When you purchase the Retouching 101-301 Pack, you’ll get more than just videos. We provide everything you need to learn and practice at the same time!

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  • 35 hours of step-by-step Photoshop & Lightroom instruction
  • 47 16-Bit RAW Images
  • 6 Full-Length Retouching Exercises
  • 30 Separate Lessons
  • Phlearn Actions & Brushes
  • Skin Tone Chart
  • 1080P 60 FPS Video Tutorials
  • Chapter-by-Chapter Table of Contents