May 15, 2012

Choosing the Right Tool- From Spot Healing to Content Aware Patch

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    I’d like to see how you would change the weather on this image…

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    Tim Piggott

    Whole new environment with something significant happening that she is laughing about . . .

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    Brad Holland

    Hey Aaron, thanks for shedding some light on those particular tools. It’s interesting that Adobe gives users so many methods to blend texture and color. I appreciate the lesson.

    As for the winning pic, which is pretty damn cool, I think with that smile she needs to be in Paris laughing at the poor fool that just tried to woo here.

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    Black and white. Put her on an airport runway with a plane or two flying past. Do it. Do it.

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    I tried using the patch tool and when I try to drag my selection, it would snap back to the location of my original selection and not apply anything. I can’t seem to get my selection to drag to another area and stay so I can use the sample. I’ve followed the directions, as far as setting go, per your videos (I also have your Photoshop 101 tutorial).I’m using a Wacom tablet with the same settings as what you had described in your Wacom Tablet videos. I hope this made sense. lol. Any idea what may be my problem? Do I need to make the selection, pull up my pen from the tablet and then “click” back onto my selection and then drag it? Any information would be great. Thanks.