Jul 12, 2012

Why We Love Photography – With Kate Rockhold and Aaron Nace

Why We Love Photography

We are making a quick series of videos interviewing everyone in the Phlearn studio on why we love photography. Today we focus on Aaron Nace and Kate Rockhold.

We cover what makes us excited about photography and other totally random questions. Have fun!

Why Do You Love Photography?

Lets get a discussion going! We can’t wait to hear your side.


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    Yo Mama

    Kate-I sympathize with the rotten eggs stench due to the processing chemicals, having developed x-rays.  Aaron-good to see you “live” again.  Ring tailed lemur as a birthday present hmmmm

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    Bob Pease

    Aaron, it’s funny you mention not liking documentary photography. As a relatively new photographer I get my feet wet in all kinds of photography. I also forced myself to try documentary photography and had the same experience, it made me very uncomfortable trying to take people’s photos without permission and I decided I’d leave that genre to the pros!