Jul 18, 2014

The Wild Ones Visit Phlearn!

In just one week (July 26-27th, 2014), the incredible team known as “The Wild Ones” will be making a stop in Chicago to host one of their inspiring workshops at the Phlearn Studio! If you have ever wanted to visit Phlearn, or meet & learn from some of the most inspiring and exciting artists around, then this is the post for you! To sign up for the Chicago/Phlearn stop of the tour, CLICK HERE!

The Wild Ones Tour 2014

For almost every part-time photographer there is a shared dream of quitting the day job, packing up a van with a few bags, and setting out on the open road to capture life in a new place. That’s exactly what the Wild Ones are doing for the second summer in a row. Last year, Sarah Ann Loreth, Shane Black and Joel Robison joined together to create the traveling workshop tour, the Wild Ones. They quit their jobs, pack up their belongings, and spent 2 months living in a van traveling 13,000 miles to teach 8 workshops across the USA. With the help of sponsors like Coca-Cola and Flickr, they taught a photography workshop to over 100 students with an emphasis on story telling through photography.

This summer the trio, along with new addition Rob Woodcox are bringing the tour to new heights, adding several more cities, three stops in Canada and even visiting Hawaii! The Wild Ones tour, now a non-profit organization, is aimed at teaching budding photographers not just how to use their camera, but how to tell their story through photography, and then how to create their own business around their work. With the help of new sponsors like Vanguard USA, Kingston, Wacom, Flickr and others, the workshop tour allows participants to learn alongside the teachers and get a chance to win some amazing prizes and giveaways.

The Wild Ones workshop tour is one based around giving back, sharing happiness and creating an inspiring and rewarding community of photographers. The workshops are filling up fast but you can visit to sign up to a workshop near you!

Wild Ones Tour Map

The Wild Ones Tour Dates


All four of these inspiring artists have been featured on Phlearn before, and it’s a pleasure to do so again!   Lets check in with how each one’s lives and art have changed since we last spoke!


SARAH: Life is so different now. I am now a full time photographer. I quit my job of seven years and am now working full time as a photographer traveling the country with my friends. I hope to move to Portland, Oregon within the coming year after six months of travel!


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SHANE: Well, it’s been nearly 8 months since Phlearn last featured me and quite a lot has happened since then! My interview went out shortly after I released my latest timelapse film “Adventure Is Calling” and I was blown away by how viral the video went. I’ve somewhat had to dive head first into the business side of photography after releasing the video, as I was bombarded by licensing requests, which I’d never previously dealt with. I actually up and left my home in Ohio and drove out to California, where I spent three months interning for Chris Burkard, the titan of travel and surf photography. It was a great experience in both life and photography. All of those experiences have really helped me feel more confident, comfortable, and excited for this years Wild Ones tour. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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ROB: Although I was featured only about 6 months ago on Phlearn, I’ve experienced significant change since then! I was lucky to start my first round of solo workshops with a workshop right at the Phlearn studio in February. The class was great, and since then I’ve taught several more and learned a lot about my abilities and teaching style. I’ve also lived in New York City for a month, traveled to Iceland, and officially become a nomad as I left my rent and bills behind to become a Wild One for this year’s workshop tour. The experiences I’ve had yet this year have proven to me that I can and will continue to create and thrive as a self employed artist, and I look forward to the opportunities and projects that lie ahead!

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JOEL: Since my last interview with Phlearn, my life has totally changed. Over the last 2 years I’ve been working with Coca-Cola on various social media based projects and last year I was hired as the lead photographer and voice of social media for the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, I traveled to 84 countries over 9 months and was a part of a historical world tour taking the FIFA World Cup Trophy to fans around the world, documenting everything along the way. I’ve made the transition now into photography as a full-time job and I love every minute of being my own boss. I’ve now been working with agencies and publishers from around the world, using my images for advertising, marketing and book covers. The Wild Ones has been a labour of love for the second year in a row and I’m proud of this experience for allowing us to see the photography community in all it’s glory and to give back to that community that helped us each grow and reach our own goals. I’m excited to travel around this amazing continent and share my passion for photography with the students!

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Follow the journey on Flickr!


Don’t forget to register in your area! And be sure to stay tuned to the Phlearn Twitter and Instagram feeds next week as there’s sure to be a TON of BTS images and stories shared!


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