Nov 07, 2011

How to Find a Model

Today we are booking a model IN the phlearn episode! I just got back from a great shoot with Darya, and what better way to share the wealth than to help you in booking your own model 🙂

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    Ethan Davis

    Should Aaron get a haircut? All in favor? All opposed? I don’t have his consent, but I think whoever wins should get their way!

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    Hannah Chu

    Great tutorial as always, it’s my first time to comment on here, although I’ve been following phlearn for some time now. 

    Gotta say this episode was awesome, I checked out model mayhem thinking there wouldn’t be any results for my location (I reside in Southeast Asia, and I’ve been doing self portraits for TOO long because I don’t have models to ‘practice’ on!!) but much to my delight (HAHA!) I got quite a number of results!! So yay! Unfortunately, none of them reside in my area, but I’ll be moving to the big city next year, and this will help tons.
    Thanks Aaron! (and for all the other tutorials, too, I love them all). Wow, I can now say I feel more part of the phamily after this first comment 🙂

  • user image

    Ahahaha Aaron you make me laugh! Perspective still confuses me though, might need to go watch that video again!

  • user image
    Demetrius Austin

    great episode…  I have booked a few models from mayhem and always try to ensure they know I am legitimate and not just some GWC.  I guess I am doing something right, I haven’t been turned down but by 1 model that shoots exclusively with her boyfriend and notes she is a “very experienced” model…  oh well..  thx for the confirmation.

  • user image
    Dave G

    Aaron, you are awesome.. funny segment and enjoyed the inclusion of your non-wife-ex who is your wife, but.. not your wife…

    btw.. we need to get you a haircut.. hehe 🙂

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    Dale Antony Richards

    Warning: May contain BEWBEEEES!

    Aaron can I give you some advice today? =D When you mail a model don’t say “To prove I am not a creep” kinda feels like you are desperately trying to make them think you’re not a creep so you don’t need to say it. Just say “You can find my full portfolio at I also teach photoshop, I am an experienced photographer and do my own retouching”

    Also you said “I love you, look” at the start of the message which made me laugh xD

    That is my Daily Dale tip! =]

    • user image
      Justin Bonaparte

      Right on, that was the first thing I was thinking; what kinda creep puts ‘I’m not a creep’ in his msg? LOL. Probably the beer talking, I saw the ‘you’ instead of ‘your’ as well. Also, probably not a good idea to have a show for photographers and start ragging on the work of other photographers, especially when they are easily identifiable by their MM names/images. Uncool. 

      I thought this ep was a bit less useful than most; I don’t think too many folks need instruction on clicking the send msg button on MM. You said something to the effect of having someone else find models for you; I think it would have been great to expand on that and give us some personal perspective on how you go about finding and working with models (Agents? Friends? Networks?)

  • user image

    I love angry mic hair Aaron. Thanks for your honesty. So glad I bought the tutorial on perspective

  • user image
    Andrea Peipe

    Awesome about the book, congrats!!!

    *that was a burp btw* omg…LOL

    I am on Model Mayhem too but most of them are in the States and not in Germany which kinda sucks! 😉 There are some German sites too so I used them so far but I prefer the way Model Mayhem is done…

  • user image

    OH MY GOD!!! Totally true about the caliber of talent on model mayhem

  • user image

    “most of the time, they went out and got piss drunk the night before the photoshoot…. they’re late or cancel on you at the last moment” lol! Wow. I’m just now starting to browse through your content and that one DEFINITELY hits the nail on the head.

  • user image

    You that real MVP Aaron! Love your artwork, humor, and tutorials!
    The fun fact about PHLearn and you as a teacher, is that you actually an expert in what you do! A lot of Youtuber’s don’t have a f*cking clue what their talking about!

    Sending you big love (no homo), Roel