Apr 10, 2012

Working with Type & Cats!

Working with Type

Today we are going over basically everything you need to know about type from the standpoint of a photographer or other creative. For those of you who are Graphic Designers, I know this barely scratches the surface of type, and would love your input!

Some Things to Avoid

  • Stretching Type – Please don’t do this. If you need to scale type, do so by adjusting the point size.
  • Too Many Effects – You can do wonders with a small drop shadow or a bevel and emboss. If you have all of the check boxes activated in the FX dialogue, you are probably overdoing it.
  • Using bad fonts – Yes there is such a thing. To make sure you are using GOOD fonts, check out this great list we found.

Clipping Your Images to Type

Go ahead and clip away! We want to see a picture of Mr. Fluff Fluff in a comment below!


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