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Plan on Tackling Panoramic Photos? Check out this gear first!


Wedding Photography is a very popular, lucrative, and incredibly challenging specialty in the Photo World. This is why it’s important that you have the gear that’ll let you do your job to the best of your abilities!


We compiled a list of photography gear perfect for any traveler. The gear includes both professional and budget items. The budget gear will definitely get the job done, but it is good to know what the professionals use also.


We’ve been dabbling in the Time-lapse world here at Phlearn we decided to share with you some of our suggestions for gear & accessories based on what we’ve tried out, and their alternatives.


As photographers we are no strangers to the pursuit of style, for it is what clients truly value most when deciding who to hire for a given project.


More than any other Tool that we have at our disposal the liquify Tool has always been met with a special degree of ire. Liquify has been dubbed a great evil that has beset the foundations of society’s self esteem…


In this tutorial, Aaron shares a tip for recovering deleted files in Lightroom.


Learn to edit in a way that is not as destructive to your images, and retain the maximum amount of quality. Use these 8 steps!


The most basic rules of composition are rather simple but can be extremely difficult to master. Here are a few less orthodox compositional suggestion that might help you make the most of your next photoshoot.


Here are five cool things you probably didn’t know about Curves


Today we’re going to talk about just how awesome mirrorless cameras are and why you should probably be at least taking a look at them if you’re looking to get a new camera.


Do you need the highest end photography gear? Aaron breaks down when high end gear does and doesn’t matter.


I don’t charge an hourly rate rather I charge a “per job fee”. Admittedly, in my mind, I will often base this on what I feel I am worth an hour. However I do not tell my client what that hourly might be.


As photographers we all have that moment of sheer and utter terror when we discover that it is possible for someone to steal our photos. Let’s talk watermarks.


Your photography style has got you here but what got you here will not get you there! Let’s talk style and how to develop and transition.


When it comes to art -and Landscape photography is most assuredly art- then the only thing you have to be faithful to is your own vision.


Today at Phlearn we have something a little different for our Tuesday Interview. We’re featuring brilliant and inspirational photographer Peter Kemp.


This article is about finding method in madness, and coherence in confusion!


Today at Phlearn Amelia, Angela and Jenna decided to make their own fish-eye lens! This gives a really cool wide Angle effect and can be done very easily in a few simple steps.


Thad and Sarah wrote this amazing article to help anyone who is interested in shooting weddings. This is the ultimate Guide on shooting weddings!


You can be more than an artist!


Photography is a lot like any other art or passion. In the beginning we get into it because we think it is fun. That flirting turns into love. If we are not careful it will turn into hate.


Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a reason to take images of yourself beyond narcissism. In this episode I go over all the amazing things self portraits can teach you!

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