May 15, 2013

Extreme Wide Angle Photography, Pt. 1

Extreme Wide Angle Here We Go

For the this extreme wide angle tutorial we will discuss using an ND Filter, Lighting Diagrams that work, and provide you all with the finished image.

Using an ND Filter

For this particular extreme wide angle image, we wanted a sky that was not blown out and even a little bit dark. To do this we used a neutral density filter, or ND filter. What is a ND filter, you ask? An ND filter decreases your exposure by a certain number of stops, in this case we were using a 3-stop ND filter.

Here’s an example – If you’re shooting at f/8 and your exposure is perfect before putting an 3-stop ND filter onto your lens, you’ll have to compensate by 3 stops and open your aperture up to f/4 for a proper exposure. This makes ND filters a great tool for creating dark skies!

Lighting Diagram

Final Image

Stay tuned tomorrow for an episode on the post-processing that went into this image!
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    Billy Gates

    this was my go at it, not quite wide enough at 24mm but This is my take on it.

    Nikon D800 Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 ED @24mm, ISO 640, f4.5
    Lens was fitted with variable ND filter
    Single YN560 camera left fired through Mini long throw reflector, triggered by Pocket Wizard +2s at close as makes no difference to full power.

  • user image

    I discovered your site from watching creativelive, awesome job Aaron.
    I’m new to photography and your information helps allot!

    Having a question about the above video. Is it possible to get the same results with the
    high speed sync feathers on a the SB910.

  • user image
    Michael Hendriks

    Isn’t the difference between f8 and f4 2 stops and not 3

  • user image
    Juan Carlos Salgado

    The intro shock me i though The Model was huge lol

  • user image

    Great tutorial!! I should make the table disappear and the rubbish in the background… but a really very good shot! Is it hard to focus trough that ND filter?