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Common Questions

Once you’ve Subscribed to PHLEARN PRO, it’s just like an all-you can-eat buffet! You can watch any number of tutorials, as many times as you want, across any of your devices, for a flat rate of $9.95 per month. We’ll bill you once a month, and you can cancel anytime you’re done learning.

For PHLEARN PRO subscribers, tutorials are not available offline. The good news is, you can view tutorials at any time with an internet connection. If you would like to view a tutorial offline, you will need to purchase it individually for its regular price and then you will be able to download it.

Sorry, but since Aaron is so committed to creating new weekly content for our PHLEARN Phamily, our Community Support team handles all questions. While Aaron doesn’t take questions directly, he does try and stay active in the community as much as he can!

Sorry, but editing is an intense and time consuming process, and something Aaron now reserves for creating new education content. Since we receive hundreds of editing requests and Aaron only has 24 hours in a day like the rest of us mere mortals and he simply doesn’t have the ability.

YES! PHLEARN PRO Subscriptions do include our downloadable actions, presets, and brushes. **They do not include ones where we collaborated with an outside artist, as those are co-owned.

Our products are some of the most affordable and educational in the industry. However, we do run a couple of semi-annual sales for the Winter holiday season and around the time of our company birthday in March. Please contact us if you have something specific in mind you are looking for.

***We'll get to your requests as soon as possible and want to make sure you have what you need to get the best PHLEARNing experience.


YES! Having a PHLEARN PRO subscription gives you access to every tutorial PHLEARN offers including all PRO tutorials, PHLEARN Magazine, and the PHLEARN Newsletter.

We’re glad you asked! :) While our free tutorials generally cover a single skill or technique, our PRO tutorials are longer, more focused and more in depth. They integrate several techniques to round out a larger lesson. PRO tutorials also include all the project files for you to follow along with!

Yes! We’re excited to offer annual subscriptions as well. Annual subscriptions are a 16% savings at only $99.95 and you’ll be billed only once a year.

As a PHLEARN PRO subscriber, you can watch tutorials as many times as you’d like! You can stop, start, and come back whenever you need. Learn at your own pace on your own time.

Of course! As long as you have a browser and stable internet connection you should be able to view PHLEARN PRO tutorials on any of these devices.

PHLEARN PRO tutorials are intended for individual use by the purchaser only. Sharing them with friends, family and others is piracy and can result in cancellation of your account. You will need additional subscriptions for friends, family, and colleagues.

We’re sad to see you go, but if you need to cancel your subscription, you can do it on your Orders page. We’ll process your cancellation as soon as we receive it and your membership will be terminated at the end of your current billing cycle.

You can cancel at any time, we’ll process your cancellation as soon as we receive it but you will still be able to use PHLEARN till the end of your current billing cycle.

After your purchase is complete, you will automatically receive an email that links to your My PHLEARN page where you can always find your downloads. Be sure to check your Spam and Trash folders for the email. If you can’t find your receipt email, remember your tutorial downloads will always be available in your My PHLEARN section of the website, in your Orders.

PHLEARN accepts payments through most major credit cards, including American Express, VISA, MasterCard, & Discover! We also accept payments through PayPal!