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    October 15, 2018
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10 Courses
52 Hours

Whether you’re a photographer, a visual artist, or you just want to make the most out of your family photos, Photoshop is a powerful tool that can help make your creative vision a reality. Join us and learn what makes Photoshop tick, master the tools that the pros use to create amazing images, and then put it all into practice with projects that are both fun and challenging.

Getting Started in Photoshop


The Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop

New to Photoshop? Then this is the place to start. Our most comprehensive Photoshop course takes you through everything you need to know to become fluent in this powerful creative software.

13.5 Hours | Easy


How to Improve Photoshop Performance

Is Photoshop lagging? Computer crashing while you’re in the middle of an edit? Now that you’re familiar with Photoshop, let’s get the software running smoothly so that you can focus on creating great images.

2 Hours | Easy

Tools & Techniques


How to Master Layers & Groups in Photoshop

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals down, it’s time to take a deep-dive into the tools that make up the backbone of Photoshop: Layers and Groups.

3.75 Hours | Easy


How to Master Adjustment Layers in Photoshop

Whether it’s basic photo editing, complex compositing, or high-end retouching, Adjustment Layers are the most important tools in the Photoshop artist’s toolbox.

4.5 Hours | Easy

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How to Master Blending Modes in Photoshop

Once you know how Layers and Adjustment Layers work, the next step is learning how to combine them together to create more powerful effects. Enter Blending Modes.

3.5 Hours | Easy


How to Master Layer Styles in Photoshop

Layer Styles are handy tools that allow us to make quick work of tasks that would otherwise take much longer. From fairy lights, to 3D text, to adding realistic depth and dimension to a simple composite, these easy-to-use effects will save you a ton of time.

3.5 Hours | Easy

Your Skills in Action


How to Master Color & Tone in Photoshop

Color is fun, expressive, and it’s one of the most important aspects of creating any image. Learn the principles of color theory and how to apply those rules (and break them) with the tools and techniques in Photoshop.

5.5 Hours | Medium


How to Select & Change Any Color in Photoshop

Being able to select and change the color of anything in a photo is an important skill, and it’s a task you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

4.25 Hours | Medium


How to Change & Remove Backgrounds in Photoshop

Cutting people out and changing backgrounds is what Photoshop is known for. This course will help you master the art of making detailed Selections, cutting people out of a background, and creating a realistic composite by matching lighting and color.

4.75 Hours | Medium


Advanced Lighting & Coloring in Photoshop

In the final course in our Photoshop Learning Path, you’ll learn how to master the arts of light and color. Recover details with powerful exposure adjustments, create seamless composites by matching light, color grade with incredible precision, and make extraordinary effects like realistic sun rays.

3.5 Hours | Advanced


  1. I followed many photoshop courses, but no one was as good as these. Aron is super qualified, passionate about his job and teaches perfectly and in a funny moode. Thanks a lot!

  2. Learned a lot. I take my time going through each video. I run the same exercise as the tutorial and make sure I understand each step. I wind up taking a lot longer since I back up, pause the video, and restart it a lot, but I find that I’m gaining a much better understanding when I do that. I also retake tutorials that I completed previously to refresh my knowledge on a particular tool or technique.

  3. So far so good, Easy to follow and digest, I would say that it does take time to get to know the various tools but what I have found is that is makes more sense to watch it as a form of entertainment (Question is which role does Aaron play??). By doing so it lessens the pressure to understand the tools and when you walk away the steps come to mind (at least. to me) It is true that there is a lot to take in so do it it little steps and it is surprising how much you pick up or know where to go to get the information. On the whole well worth it

  4. Incredible platform! Thanks to you, Guys, I received a new profession and have found a new perfect remote job.

  5. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and love you put into this. My only ask, is it possible to have written steps? I would even pay more for it. Sometimes I get lost, it would be helpful to be able to follow the steps in written format, as opposed to rewinding and searching the video.

  6. I love the learning path but it would be helpful if the notes included the date of recording and where a Photoshop update has been issued that provides and alternative approach eg sky replacement

  7. it would be awesome if you can add spanish subtitles in every video… There are some pieces hard to understand, even with the english subtitles activated. Thanks for this great learning…

  8. I love the Learning Paths and Videos, however the process of watching a video, pausing every few minutes to keep up and try out the techniques using the accompanying photo downloads, pausing to take down some notes of the key steps, etc. all takes so much time. It would be nice to have the videos accompanied with some brief notes to help speed the learning process somewhat. Thanks, Rick Gardiner

  9. Since i haven’t seen the whole lessons, i think this new concept of “learning path” is a very good idea ! It gives us the good way to learn in the right order. I don’t know if it’s already done, but it would be great, if we add this learning path to our favorites, to receive an email when a new lesson is added. Thanks Aaron and your team from south of France !

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