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    November 3, 2017
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10 Courses
44 Hours

From wedding portraits, to online storefronts, to the cover of your favorite fashion magazine, retouching skills can take your work wherever you want it to go.

Retouching is the art and craft of removing distractions from an image so that the main subject grabs the viewer’s attention while looking their absolute best. Throughout this Learning Path you will learn how to remove blemishes, clean up backgrounds, balance highlights and shadows, and much more!

Essentials Retouching Skills


Intro to Retouching in Photoshop

Before we dive into individual techniques, let’s cover the basic principles, tools, and workflow for professional retouching.

9 Hours | Easy


How to Master Sharpening in Photoshop

Most of the time looking sharp is synonymous with looking good. Learn the art of sharpening in Photoshop to bring out details and draw attention to the areas that matter most.

3 Hours | Easy


How to Master Dodging & Burning in Photoshop

The easiest way to describe dodging and burning is to say it’s like painting with light. Sound cool? It is. Learn all about this powerful and versatile skill that can enhance any image.

5 Hours | Medium


How to Correct Exposure in Photoshop

Balance out highlights and shadows, recover lost details, and draw more attention to your subjects. Exposure is as powerful a tool in post-production as it is when you’re capturing images in camera.

1 Hour | Medium

Retouching Features, Fabric & Materials


Master Retouching Eyes

If you work with portraits and are only going to learn how to make one feature stand out, make it the eyes. Learn how to enhance colors, add definition, and draw more attention to our most striking feature.

3 Hours | Medium


Master Retouching Hair

It’s soft, full of fine details, and it gets everywhere. Hair might be the most challenging feature to retouch in a portrait. Add shape, clean up flyaways, and make this once seemingly-impossible process easier than ever.

4 Hours | Medium


How to Retouch Clothing & Fabric

The only way to master compositing is to practice! Once again we create a sci-fi world using only free stock photos and our Photoshop savvy.

3 Hours | Medium


Product Retouching for E-Commerce

Retouching involved more than just making people look their best. Learn how to take 2D product images and give them texture, depth, and definition for selling on the web.

5 Hours | Medium

Advanced Techniques & Applications


How to Master Frequency Separation Retouching

Master this essential skill for professional retouching. This is the absolute best way to achieve perfect textures and smooth transitions between highlight and shadow.

7 Hours | Advanced


Professional Beauty Retouching

Put your new skills to use as you retouch multiple professionally photographed RAW images from start to finish. Get advance practice with exposure adjustments, dodging and burning, frequency separation, and more.

4 Hours | Advanced


  1. sir, I am just 12yr old and i am learning from many teachers espaccially

  2. It’s so amazing that you guys introduced Learning Pathes. It makes the choice of course easlier and learning more organised and easier! Love it!

  3. This Learning Path is amazing. I learned so many things. ty very much 🙂 But the link of Professional Beauty Retouching is missing. He sends to How to Master Frequency Separation Retouching.

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