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photoshop learning path

Ready to start learning Photoshop? Already comfortable with Photoshop, but unsure of where to go next? Well, this is the solution for you! This Learning path is a clear and focused guide to help you progress from Photoshop beginner to Photoshop expert. Jump in and take on our 10 most popular and essential PS courses.

10 Courses Included


Ready to master the arts of photography and photo editing! This Learning Path will teach you the basics of photography terminology and settings, cameras and gear, and post-production workflow. Pick up your camera and jump in!

6 Courses Included


Retouching can be used to take any image to the next level, from wedding portraits for a friend, to products for a web store, to high-end fashion shots for the cover of a magazine. Master the art and craft of cleaning up photos and helping people and objects look their best.

10 Courses Included

photoshop compositing learning path

Compositing is a powerful skill that can take your editing to a whole new level! This Learning Path breaks down everything you need to know to combine multiple images together seamlessly. Fix common photo issues. Create strange new worlds.

3 Courses Included


Master Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile in this comprehensive set of courses. Import photos, get them organized, and create beautiful edits!

3 Courses Included