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Amazing Trick to Recover Shadow Detail in Photoshop

Category: Photoshop, Tools
Apr 15

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How to Recover Shadow Detail

It can be hard to capture detail in both the shadows and highlights of an image because the dynamic range of most cameras is too small. A lot of the time the dark areas of your images will come out looking black.

In this episode we show you a quick way to bring back detail into your shadows without disturbing the highlights.

Shadow / Highlight

You will learn how to use the Shadow / Highlight tool to recover detail in your shadows as well as correct overexposed highlights.

Bonus: Add a Light Flare

As a bonus we show you how to add a light flare to this image. It is a simple trick that will give your images some style. We start by choosing the Gradient Tool and selecting “Radial Gradient” and “Foreground to Transparent” in the Gradient Editor. After choosing a color from our image we apply a large gradient in the corner to create the glow.

After creating the glow use a layer mask and “Apply Image” to blend the glow into the image and make it appear more natural.

  • Dave Rentauskas

    Another great tutorial! I’ve not used the apply image when doing lighting effects like that, but it really make a nice difference.

    I almost always do a little shadow lift as you mentioned to slightly bring up the shadows HOWEVER, I do it on a smart object layer so you can re-adjust and fade the effect :)

  • Rob

    Nice one Aaron. How about 3d tutorial and have you used it in Photoshop.

  • Angelo Perete

    Awesome, Aaron. Have you ever made a video on HDR Toning in Photoshop? Right now, it doesn’t seem that clear to me.

  • Christoffer Malm

    Hey Aaron! Great vid as usual! I wounded if you could do a vid how to get this aswome effect in your pictures? Would be so nice to phlearn! :)

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