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How To Change Colors in Photoshop

Category: Color, Photoshop
Feb 12

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Now it’s time to get the color just right for your image with various layer masks.

  • Joshua

    Love the light rays effect with the radial blur, I’ll definitely be using that one.

  • François Lecompte

    Great tut Aaron :-D

  • Mi Bryant

    new to phlearn. would like to learn more about masks and textures.

  • Rima Baroudi

    I learned the Apply Image trick from you before but forgot about until this video. I’m currently restoring some black and white images from the original negatives and this trick with curves is really helping to enhance but also maintain the tonal integrity of the image! Thank you soo much!

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One way to figure out the lighting in a photo besides looking at the direction of the shadows, is to look into the eyes and particularly the catch lights in the eyes can help you figure out the type of light used by its shape in the eye as well as the directions it was lit