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How To Remove A Bra In Photoshop

Category: Photoshop, Tools
Mar 25

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Removing a Bra Strap

It is easy to miss a small detail during a photo shoot like a bra strap hanging out when you are more focused on other things. In today’s episode we show you how to get rid of those straps (or other similar details) in a very simple tutorial that will have you amazed at how far Photoshop has come.

Using the Spot Healing Brush

The Spot Healing Brush tool was recently updated in Photoshop and is MUCH better than it used to be. Adobe added the “Content Aware” Option which calculates possible backgrounds for areas you are patching over. No tool will work perfectly every time but the Spot Healing Brush just got some major points from Phlearn.

  • andrea

    I want to learn how to edit water reflections and make them very clear and magical. Like Elizabeth Gadd’s photography.

    Take this lovely one for example:

  • connywa

    Maybe the best tutorial title, ever.

  • Alecia Lindsay

    Yes! I want that too!

  • Todd Bielby

    I would like to learn how to replace sky’s with trees. I’ve seen a ton of tut’s of replacing a sky but they are all on water or deserts.

  • Phlearn

    Hi Todd!

    You are absolutely right! We will keep this in mind! Or if you have a personal image you would like to send us at, we could maybe use it for a future episode :)

  • Phlearn

    Maybe the best “phan” ever.

  • Phlearn

    Hi Andrea!

    Here’s a link that might help!

    If you message us at, I can also refer you to some Pro Tutorials related to what you are talking about :)

  • Rob @ Amsterdam

    I already use this one and it’s a good one.
    However it doesn’t seem to work always like you said and as I have experienced.

    But I was wondering Aaron, are you moonlighting as a Rabbi cause your beard is taking over your head and my monitor ;-)

    Anyway, keep up the good work !!!!

  • Matt DukePhoto

    Spot Healing has been one of my “go to” tools ever since content-aware was added. But I always have trouble with it near high contrast areas (such as where the sweater meets her skin). I tend to get color/tonal bleed in those areas. Is there a setting or tool technique I’m missing?

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Random Tips

You can change the size and hardness of any brushes by holding ctrl+option on mac and move the mouse with left click in Photoshop. On windows it’s option+right click.