Who is Phlearn?

The Photoshop and Photography world is not a place that is very inviting to beginners. Photoshop can be very intimidating. Photography equipment is expensive and the choices are endless. Photography & Photoshop skills in combination, have been a challenge to learn.

That is why we created Phlearn.

Phlearn is an education platform for people who want to connect with real instructors who have mastered their craft and want to share their thousands of hours of experience with you.

Phlearn is a community of people who are not afraid of the world of Photoshop & Photography. The Phlearn community (known as the Phamily) genuinely cares about each other and we help each other out!

Bring your passion to Phlearn. You WILL become a better photographer by joining us. You WILL master Photoshop. This is a guarantee.

We Are All Photographers.

Everyone who works at Phlearn is also a photographer, meaning we understand what photographers want. We’ve gone through the struggles of being a photographer and want to help you navigate through them.

No Ego, Just Help.

The Phlearn team is here to try to answer your questions. We get hundreds of requests a month, but we try to answer the ones we can.