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How to Install Lightroom Presets

Our exclusive Lightroom Presets will save you time
and add style to your photos.

View Lightroom Presets

Quick Install

Open Lighroom Preferences - Presets
Click - Show Lightroom Presets Folder
Open Lightroom Folder
Open Develop Presets Folder
Copy Preset Folder
Restart Lightroom

Video Tutorial

PHLEARN Lightroom Presets are easy to install and even easier to use.
Watch the video below to learn how to install your presets.

Step-by-Step Install

Follow the instructions below to install your Lightroom Presets.
Enjoy one-click photo editing!


Open the Lightroom Menu.
Choose Preferences… from the menu.

How to Install lightroom Presets 1


Under the Presets Tab,
choose Show Lightroom Presets Folder


Open the
Lightroom Folder


Open the
Develop Presets Folder


Move the PHLEARN Lightroom Presets Folder into the Develop Presets Folder


Quit Lightroom
Open Lightroom again. Done!

How to Install Ligtroom Presets 6

Lightroom Presets:

Lightroom Presets:
Retro & Vintage

Lightroom Presets:
Light Leaks & Flares

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Try shutting down your Lightroom and restart.

Make sure the folder you copied into the Develop Presets folder actually holds the presets and not another folder.

Do NOT check “Store Presets With Catalog.” This setting is found to the left of "Show Lightroom Presets Folder" in your Preferences menu. If you have multiple catalogs, your presets will not show up in additional ones.

Make sure that you EXTRACTED the zip file. If you merely double clicked on the folder (on a PC), you will get access to the presets, but those will NOT be extracted files and will NOT copy/paste correctly and will NOT show up in your Lightroom.

Please try another internet browser. We recommend the current version of Google Chrome

Yes we do! Please contact us through the Support Page

If on a PC right clicking does not offer “extract files”, then you may need to download an external program to unzip. We recommend trying WinRar, a free unzipping program.