Jan 29, 2014

Behind The Scenes: Rob Woodcox

Did He Just Light That On Fire?

Warning please do not try this without the proper safety measures. After Rob Woodcox broke into the Phlearn studio, he literally lit it on fire! Not only did he bring the heat, he shared some great insights on being a conceptual surreal artist.
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    Saad Charif

    A great combination of story telling and image capturing, I can feel the heat just by watching behind the scenes, creativety is a sea with no end.

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    This is so inspirational and incorporates a deeper story into the images. LOVE it!

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    Bradford A. Ciecko

    I agree with many of you… This is a great mini series and episode. I am wondering what was done for ventilation during the burning portions though?

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    Jen Brook

    This was really really good. I genuinely love it when a story resounds so much with you that it makes you cry.

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      David Cutrano

      ….both from the observer and the artists standpoint. Brilliant work Rob

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    Justine Tjallinks

    He does makes some beautiful things but we want aaron back! We loooooooove aaron. Why is the A of aaron on its side? That has nog meaning behind it right?