PHLEARN MagazineWhat a Professional Ski and Mountain Bike Photographer Has in His Camera Bag

What a Professional Ski and Mountain Bike Photographer Has in His Camera Bag

Reuben Krabbe is a Whistler, BC-based ski and mountain bike photographer, who has traveled to some pretty remote places to get incredible action sports shots. Now, he’s trying to reduce the amount he’s traveling and shoot more sustainably, so he’s spent much of the past year within BC, capturing the breathtaking natural landscape of Canada’s west coast. How does staying locally or traveling long distance affect what equipment Reuben takes on each photoshoot, though? Let’s have a look at what’s in his bag.

I look at potential images I want to create on the trip, or if I need to prioritize weight savings to go a long distance. Then match gear according to those needs.


Nikon D850. Great in low light, and its half size body weighs less than Nikon flagship cameras.


Nikon 70-200 f4, Nikon 17-35 f2.8. Ninety percent of my photography happens on this small lens kit. I have and shoot with others, but these make up the core of what I work with.


I work with nature now, so I’m always working around and chasing light, rather than dragging light in lead-acid batteries up the side of a mountain.


f-stop Ajna. For years f-stop has been making the perfect adventure photography bags; they include the functionality of backcountry backpacks, but with camera cubes (ICUs) that hold the gear you need.


DeLorme inReach. Satellite text, and emergency beacon that has helped me multiple times.

To see more of Reuben’s work, check out his website and Instagram. And, if you want to read about how Reuben and a team of professional skiers traveled to the Arctic Circle to shoot during a solar eclipse, read our interview with him.

Jennifer Berube

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