• Create an Epic Animation in Photoshop

  • by Aaron Nace
    August 31, 2022
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Learn how to cut out illustrations from their backgrounds, refine edges, clean up the images, and then animate them using tools like Puppet Warp and the timeline video editor.

Artist Credit

Special Thanks to the following artist for uploading their images and making them available for free for everyone to use.









Let’s Animate!

In this tutorial we are going to have some fun. The idea and inspiration comes from illustrations on Adobe Stock – these are 100% free and can be downloaded by anyone.

Our objective is to create an animation using jpeg images – and to do this we are going to need to cut out illustrations from their backgrounds, refine edges, clean up the images, and then animate using tools like Puppet Warp and the timeline video editor completely in Photoshop.

We start by selecting our background and identifying the people in which we want to cut out. After using select object we are able to refine our selections and cut each of the people out from their backgrounds and fix any necessary areas such as Out Lines or parts where the subjects may interact with each other.

Then we are going to recreate the background, for this process we will select colors from the background create shapes and selections and fill them in and we are also going to use a tool in Photoshop called step-and-repeat – this will allow us to create a grid that we are then going to perspective warp to create the lines on the floor. basically the idea is to completely recreate every part of this photo or illustration from scratch so that we may animated and the objects do not intersect with each other.

Now we are going to cut out the rest of the elements in the image including the speaker the dog some hearts and text once all this is cut out and placed in a composition that is pleasing we are ready to animate.

The animation process in Photoshop is really quite simple simply go to your timeline editor and create new video timeline and then create frames that you can animate between.

To create a simple animation such as the one we are displaying in this tutorial you only need two frames we can switch between them at any time thus creating the animation. to prepare this process we are going to create duplicates of every object in our image so that one version of the object will remain stationary and the other will be the animated element. Animation options include moving objects changing Colors, changing positions, and applying effects such as warping using tools like the puppet warp tool, which we are going to use to animate the people in this illustration.

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